Atlantic Lobster

Homarus Americanus, Atlantic Lobster, or Canadian Lobster – whatever you call it, you can’t deny that lobster is a delicacy that can’t be compared to anything else. The month of July is Lobster Fest at Provence, and we have a great 3 course menu ($62) with optional wine or petit wine pairings ($26/$16) so that you can experience the joy that is lobster.

While the lobsters may come from the Atlantic Ocean, the preparation is all French. To start, enjoy the Lobster Salad, chilled lobster meat with pea sprouts, fresh peas and pea purée dressed with a champagne and honey vinaigrette and lobster oil. Or Baked Lobster Thermidor with a creamy Dijon, shallot and mushroom sauce topped with Emmenthal cheese if you prefer something richer.

We’re not finished with your taste buds yet though, now it’s time to move on to the main course – with three dishes to choose from, there’s something there for everybody. The Whole Atlantic Lobster served steamed, Provençal or sautéed with seasonal vegetables is famed on the Provence dinner menu and you can’t go wrong with this dish. If you come to Provence often and want to try something different, why not have the Whole Lobster Gratin served with smoked tomato, corn, wilted spinach and forbidden rice. For those who want to experience a coast to coast seafood experience, there’s the Grilled Sockeye Salmon with Butter Poached Lobster made with lobster from the east coast and salmon from the west coast accompanied by gem tomatoes, bell peppers and saffron risotto.

For dessert, we’ve got BC Strawberry and Rhubarb Shortcake with basil agave Chantilly for a bit of a twist on a classic dish.

View the full menu and make your reservation’s now for this great experience.

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