Canada Day

We may be a French restaurant, but we’re all Canadian at heart. As an immigrant to Canada, Chef Jean-Francis has a soft spot for people trying to make their home in a new country. With that in mind, we have people from all over the world working in both our kitchen and dining room.

With so many people from different cultures and backgrounds working closely together, in a high stress environment, we’re bound to pick up a few idiosyncrasies from around the world. We like to think that’s a part of what makes us all Canadians. As a nation, we have a long history of welcoming people from around the world and celebrating the things that make us different while embracing just how much we are all the same.

If you’re out and about (or as the Americans think we say “oot and aboot”) on Canada Day why not join us for brunch or dinner and raise a glass to the diversity that makes us all Canadian.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 years since this little gem made the rounds and gave us all a reason to feel proud to be Canadian.

I am Provence and I am Canadian!

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