La Table En Provence

In celebration of our 15th anniversary, Chef JF dug into the past and found some treasures from his mother’s book case. He found inspiration in La Table En Provence, a book from 1946 held together by only a string and memories of Mamie Suzanne. Together Chef JF and Chef Sheldon have chosen some of their favourite dishes to bring to life and share with you this March.


With two options for both appetizer and entrée and a choice from our regular menu for dessert, this menu is sure to please everyone. Start with either La Soupe A L’ail, a traditional garlic soup with a surprisingly light and spicy flavor. Traditionally served with a poached egg, JF has chosen to use a quail’s egg for its richer flavour. Don’t worry, despite the name, the garlic flavor is not so strong that you won’t be able to give your date a good-night kiss later.

While relatively common in France, frog’s legs are still a little unusual here in Vancouver. Perhaps once you’ve tried them, you will understand why JF’s mother used to take him to another town over an hour away just so the young chef could have his fill of the light tender meat that practically falls off the bone.

LAPIN EN GIBELOTTES (Rabbit Fricassée)

For your entrée you can choose to explore either the French countryside with the Lapin en Gibolettes (Rabbit Fricasée) or the seaside boardwalks with the Dorade a la Tomate (Baked Seabream).

If your choice is to venture in-land with the rabbit, you will be treated to a the smoky and earthy flavours of bacon and mushrooms which will complement the mild gaminess of the rabbit marinated in cognac, olive oil and thyme.

DORADE A LA TOMATE (Baked Seabream)

If you prefer to stay close to the shore, you can enjoy the light, bright flavours of seabream baked with lemon, white wine and fennel. This dish is very much in the style that Mamie Suzanne would have served in her restaurant, and in fact was served here at Provence when she came to visit as a guest chef in the early days.

Whichever direction you choose to explore, we hope you enjoy the journey and come back to visit regularly. Please tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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