BC Spot Prawns on High Alert

With the warming weather comes the new season of seafood – at Provence, that means the return of fresh BC spot prawns. As in previous years, the BC spot prawn harvest is closely monitored and starts and ends suddenly. Be sure to pay attention to our newsletters (signup here) to make sure you don’t miss out on this mouthwatering menu.

We have a couple of new dishes this year that everyone is excited about. Start your meal off with the cool and refreshing Cucumber Gazpacho ($15) with poached BC spot prawns, watercress and a cucumber lime relish. Alternatively, you could stick with the Yellow Campari Tomato Salad ($15) with grilled BC spot prawns, which was on the menu last season, but has had some updates to keep it fresh and exciting.

Since you can never have enough BC spot prawns you should be more than ready to move on to the main course where you will be able to choose from three different BC spot prawn dishes. New this season is the BC Spot Prawn Poêle ($45) (which is essentially fresh juicy prawns that have been poached in brown butter) served with shaved rainbow carrots and bamboo rice – all this is topped with crispy BC spot prawn heads. Don’t be frightened by the prawn heads, they’re a delicacy in Japan, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them too. Not only does the spring bring BC spot Prawns, it also brings local halibut. We’ve paired these two great items to create an exquisite duo – Halibut and BC Spot Prawns ($45) served with snow pea sprouts, potato fondant, and a light bisque. But, probably our most popular BC spot prawn dish is the BC Spot Prawn Duo ($45) consisting of both grilled and Provençal style prawns with tagliatelle and zucchini ribbons tossed in olive oil. You can’t go wrong no matter which choice you make.

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Don’t forget that this year’s Spot Prawn Festival is on May 13 at Granville Island, just a short ferry ride from us. Visit www.spotprawnfestival.com for all the details on the event.

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