Wild BC Spot Prawns have arrived!

Due to a massive export to Asia causing prices to rise, Vancouverites are going to have a harder time finding spot prawns in the city this year. That being said, Provence just could not say “no” to this native BC delicacy.

As in past years, we have prepared a tasty menu in honour of spot prawn season. So take a peek!


Start your night off by choosing one of the following light and refreshing appetizers, a perfect way to cleanse your palate for the meal to come. Thinking of adding a wine pairing? Approachable and very food friendly, 8th Generation Integrity is a crisp and juicy white with a light sparkle making it a promising pairing for the variety of flavors in each dish.

Artisan butcher lamb sausage
A lightly spiced lamb sausage bringing a delicate flavour and unique texture paired with mixed greens.

Bocconcini and Tomato
A crisp and stimulating appetizer, perfect to set your taste buds up for the main course.

Yellow Tomato Gazpacho
A raw vegetable soup served cold with avocado and spot prawn salsa.



Once you’ve had your fill, it’s time for the main act. Choose between three entrées, including:

BC Spot Prawn Duo
An exquisitely made pasta dish with zucchini ribbons and Spot Prawns tossed in extra virgin olive oil. Sip on the 2013 Upper Bench Chardonnay which has just enough oak to let the bright fruit shine through. The rich Spot Prawns match the creamy texture of the wine perfectly.

Lois Lake Steelhead
Steelhead Trout is often confused for Salmon thanks to it’s similar colour and texture, however, the slightly sweeter and more delicate flavour makes for a superb match for the BC Spot Prawn. Enjoy this dish with a warm potato salad, yellow peppers and arugula served with a cerignola olive and lemon vinaigrette. Seven Directions Rose is dry and vibrant, carrying enough weight on the palate to pair with the silky texture of Steelhead without overpowering it’s delicate flavor. The wine’s herbaceous undertones and fresh berry aromas bring out the best in the crisp spring vegetables.

Halibut and BC Spot Prawns
Halibut’s clean taste and dense texture provides a great balance for the Spot Prawns’ own firm texture and sweet taste. The dish’s mildly sweet flavour is elegantly tied together with a summer pea risotto and smoked tomato vinaigrette. Savour the Sychromesh Riesling’s subtle sweetness which matches the natural flavor of spring peas. Razor sharp acidity cuts through any richness in the dish and makes the savory smoked tomatoes sing.



On a final note, pick from our sinfully delicious dessert selection.

We recommend finishing off with the lemon tarte, enjoy soft, smooth and intensely flavoured lemon curd, hazelnut brittle and whipped cream on top. The tarte also happens to be perfect for your dessert pairing: the Unsworth Ovation Solera. A lovely way to end any meal, this wine is made with the Marechal Foch grape, first fortified like a Port then aged like a Sherry to add complexity. Enjoy this unique treat which you can only find in BC, much like the delicious BC Spot Prawn!

Bon Appétit!