Tomato Month 2019

Mama Tomato, Papa Tomato, and Baby Tomato are out for a walk, and Baby Tomato keeps falling behind. After a while, Papa Tomato gets tired of waiting for him to catch up, so he goes back and jumps on him and yells “CATCH UP!”

Heirloom Tomato 2018 Extended

We’ve had a great heirloom tomato season this year, and it looks like we’re going to be able to continue serving our tomato menu well into September.

whole grilled Argentinian prawns, red onion, fresh basil, sherry vinaigrette

If you haven’t joined us for tomato month yet, what are you waiting for? If you have come in and enjoyed this amazing fruit masquerading as a vegetable, there’s still time to come down to try something new featuring this most versatile fruit.

Come back here and leave a comment to let us know what your favourite tomato dish is.


Heirloom Tomatoes 2018

We’re wrapping up our lobster menu for another year, but don’t worry, we always have fresh Atlantic Lobster on the menu.

For the month of August, we’ll be serving everyone’s favourite imposter vegetable, the ever-versatile tomato. Most of us know that the tomato is a fruit, but it always seems to masquerade as a vegetable. The tomato is as at home with berries as it is with lettuce, there seems to be no end to the things you can do with a tomato.

sundried tomato and marcona almond pesto,
heirloom tomato wedges, orzo, tomato compote

This year, Chef’s Jean-Francis and Sheldon have updated some of the most popular dishes from past tomato menus and created some new dishes.

My new personal favourite this year is the Brown Butter Poached Chicken Ballotine. Check out the full menu below, and let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments.


Chef’s Top Ten Week Ten

Menu by Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia & Chef Sheldon Maloff

Chef’s Top Ten Week Two

Menu by Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia & Chef Sheldon Maloff

Mother’s Day

Thank you to all the magnificent mothers who shine light in our lives like the sun on our waterfront facing patio.

Celebrate from a selection of our menus, such as our new Spring Summer Menu or any of our daily menus.

Don’t forget to ask your server to recommend you a wine or refreshing cocktail from our latest Drinks Menu.

Happy Mother’s Day!

6th Annual Tomato Fest

According to Chef JF, tomatoes are the ultimate summer fruit. Not only are they ripe, juicy and brimming with sunshine, heirloom tomatoes present a wide range of flavours to tempt the palate. With the abundance of heirloom tomatoes available locally each year, we are celebrating with our 6th Annual Tomato Fest. Burst into these juicy tomatoes with this month’s three-course feature menu of Heirloom Tomatoes prepared for you in a various ways with optional wine pairings.

Here are some recommendations from our menu’s selection.

Allow our Chef’s to ripen your palate with the Tomato and Nectarine Salad. The natural sweetness of the nectarines bring out of the flavours of the juicy tomatoes, while the perfectly seared scallops melt in your mouth. Settle in with our Sommelier Rachelle  who recommends the Synchromesh Rieslingas it is vibrant and fruit driven with a balanced dry finish.

Stay out fishing for the silky texture of the Grilled Lois Lake Steelhead and Prawn Duo accompanied with the bright yellow tomato and warm vegetable salad, smoked plum tomato and black garlic vinaigrette. As the sun sets, the salmon hue of Le Vieux Pin Rosé, will compliment your evening with it’s delicacy and structure.

Pair your fruit picked dessert such as the Berry and White Chocolate Clafoutis with the Late Harvest Cabernet/MerlotLate harvest wines are less sweet then some dessert wines perfect for fruit based desserts, leaving you feeling sun-kissed.

For more of the menu Click Here.

Lobster Fest

Inspired by the French delicacy and the marina, enjoy the sumptuous flavour of fresh Atlantic Lobster this start of Summer. Whether you’re trying lobster for the first time or know just how you like it, this month’s three-course feature menu offers you the opportunity to enjoy Atlantic Lobster prepared for you in a number of ways.

Here are some recommendations from our menu’s selection.

If you’re adventurous like our Chef Sheldon, start with the Lobster / Scallop Cakes accompanied with frisée salad, sherry vinaigrette and lemon aioli. This dish is special to Provence, as Chef Sheldon’s creativity takes the crab cake on a new wave. And as our Sommelier Rachelle recommends, enhance the natural sweetness of the lobsters and scallops with the 8th Generation Integrity (Prosecco Style), as it’s filled with bright fruit notes and gentle bubbles.

But don’t stop there. Claw your way into a Whole Lobster prepared how you like; grilled, steamed or sautéed Provençal-style served with forbidden rice, grilled asparagus and peppers on the side. With these fantastic choices, Rachelle won’t leave you dry. Accompany your choice with Le Vieux Pin Rosé, as it’s versatility is delicious with lobster in any style.

Return to shore with your choice from our dessert menu. The creamy tang of the Lemon Tarte, created by Chef JF since he was 13 years young, provides just the right balance to the richness of the lobster. This pairs perfectly with Unsworth Ovation Solera, a unique port style wine is the perfect end to any meal.

For more of the menu Click Here.

Also in celebration of all things lobster, Provence Marinaside is offering Brunch with Bubbles every Sunday in July.

Wild BC Spot Prawns have arrived!

Due to a massive export to Asia causing prices to rise, Vancouverites are going to have a harder time finding spot prawns in the city this year. That being said, Provence just could not say “no” to this native BC delicacy.

As in past years, we have prepared a tasty menu in honour of spot prawn season. So take a peek!


Start your night off by choosing one of the following light and refreshing appetizers, a perfect way to cleanse your palate for the meal to come. Thinking of adding a wine pairing? Approachable and very food friendly, 8th Generation Integrity is a crisp and juicy white with a light sparkle making it a promising pairing for the variety of flavors in each dish.

Artisan butcher lamb sausage
A lightly spiced lamb sausage bringing a delicate flavour and unique texture paired with mixed greens.

Bocconcini and Tomato
A crisp and stimulating appetizer, perfect to set your taste buds up for the main course.

Yellow Tomato Gazpacho
A raw vegetable soup served cold with avocado and spot prawn salsa.



Once you’ve had your fill, it’s time for the main act. Choose between three entrées, including:

BC Spot Prawn Duo
An exquisitely made pasta dish with zucchini ribbons and Spot Prawns tossed in extra virgin olive oil. Sip on the 2013 Upper Bench Chardonnay which has just enough oak to let the bright fruit shine through. The rich Spot Prawns match the creamy texture of the wine perfectly.

Lois Lake Steelhead
Steelhead Trout is often confused for Salmon thanks to it’s similar colour and texture, however, the slightly sweeter and more delicate flavour makes for a superb match for the BC Spot Prawn. Enjoy this dish with a warm potato salad, yellow peppers and arugula served with a cerignola olive and lemon vinaigrette. Seven Directions Rose is dry and vibrant, carrying enough weight on the palate to pair with the silky texture of Steelhead without overpowering it’s delicate flavor. The wine’s herbaceous undertones and fresh berry aromas bring out the best in the crisp spring vegetables.

Halibut and BC Spot Prawns
Halibut’s clean taste and dense texture provides a great balance for the Spot Prawns’ own firm texture and sweet taste. The dish’s mildly sweet flavour is elegantly tied together with a summer pea risotto and smoked tomato vinaigrette. Savour the Sychromesh Riesling’s subtle sweetness which matches the natural flavor of spring peas. Razor sharp acidity cuts through any richness in the dish and makes the savory smoked tomatoes sing.



On a final note, pick from our sinfully delicious dessert selection.

We recommend finishing off with the lemon tarte, enjoy soft, smooth and intensely flavoured lemon curd, hazelnut brittle and whipped cream on top. The tarte also happens to be perfect for your dessert pairing: the Unsworth Ovation Solera. A lovely way to end any meal, this wine is made with the Marechal Foch grape, first fortified like a Port then aged like a Sherry to add complexity. Enjoy this unique treat which you can only find in BC, much like the delicious BC Spot Prawn!

Bon Appétit!