Lobster Fest

This July, indulge in the delicacy of succulent Atlantic Lobster prepared in a variety of ways during Lobster Fest. Our exclusive 3-course menu featuring Lobster ($56) and optional wine-pairing ($22) selected from BC’s best boutique wineries. Here are some items from our menu:

Chef Jean-Francis recommends the Lobster Salad, with a light Champagne and olive oil vinaigrette, on fresh heirloom tomatoes and bright summer asparagus. Sommelier Rachelle pairs this dish with BC’s best sparkling wine, Blue Mountain Brut, as it’s subtle richness pairs perfectly with chilled lobster and it’s crisp acidity offsets heirloom tomatoes.

Treat yourself with the Whole Lobster, choose to have it steamed, grilled or Provençal, served with seven grain rice and seasonal vegetables. It is perfectly paired with a recent addition to our wine list, the Moon Curser Arneis, an obscure Italian white grape grown in sunny Osoyoos. It’s bright acidity and notes of stone fruit and almond balance with the rich texture of the lobster.

Finish your meal with our Blueberry Shortcake made with local summer blueberries macerated in strawberry liqueur and orange zest topped with fresh whipped cream. The bright berry notes and moderate sweetness of the Paradise Ranch Late Harvest Merlot Rose perfectly compliments this fresh seasonal dessert.

Don’t miss your chance to try our exclusive Lobster Menu, offering lobster prepared in a variety of ways during July’s Lobster Fest.

Spring Summer Menu

Spring into Provence Marinaside with our new Spring Summer Menu! Come in and enjoy your long sun-lit evenings on our patio and Yaletown waterfront views with some of these new dishes below.

Seared Lois Lake Steelhead – Lightly seared and served with a crispy house made quinoa cake, leafy summer greens and a lightly spicy salsa verde.

Seared Smoked Sablefish – House smoked then seared to crisp skin and served with fresh grilled field tomatoes, spinach sautéed in garlic and butter, and cornmeal crusted eggplant. Served with a roasted yellow pepper coulis.

Local Albacore Tuna with Espelette – Seared rare and dusted with espelette, a mildly spicy pepper. Served with a raw Mediterranean salad consisting cucumbers, red and yellow bell peppers, kalamata olives, red onion and fingerling potatoes that are steamed and tossed with basil oil.

Grilled Line Caught Halibut – Grilled medium to medium rare topped with house smoked tomatoes and olive oil poached garlic & shallots, accompanied with peppery arugula, and earthy bamboo rice and asparagus.

There’s plenty more to choose from, so come on in!

Poisson d’Avril

“I remember the Poisson d’Avril pranks growing up as a boy in Marseille. In Vancouver, I see it as an opportunity to welcome spring with a bit of fun while also promoting the importance of Ocean Wise – approved seafood. As one of the original members of Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program, we feel it is important to serve only fish that has been harvested in a sustainable and responsible manner.” – Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia

In many cultures, April 1st marks April Fool’s Day, but here at Provence we call it Poisson d’Avril. Each year we’ve embraced Chef JF’s childhood tradition from France and have pinned a cardboard fish onto a person’s back and called those that are fooled ‘poisson d’avril’ (April fish).

This year we are allowing you to reel in! On April 1st, we are offering all our diners a chance to fish from our fishbowl for a prize (such as complimentary meals, discounts or cookbooks) or a prank. In addition, for the duration of April, you will have more chances to fish from our exclusive 3-course Poisson d’Avril dinner menu ($56) with optional wine-pairing ($24). Every card contains a unique prize, so get ready to enjoy a great Ocean Wise meal and Go-Fish.

Choose your bait: Seabream, Soup or Sardines? If you’re determined for a big catch, Chef Sheldon recommends the Citrus Cured Sardines to start. The simple sugar, salt and aromatic cured sardines take you on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea, while the peppery flavours of the arugula and finished with olive oil have you arrive into Europe. Sommelier Rachelle joins the adventure with Colle Stefano Verdicchio, a vibrant yet textured white wine from central Italy, ideal with local sardines and arugula.

When it’s time for the big catch – Steelhead, Niçoise, Halibut, Whole Fish, Lingcod, are all cooked to tender perfection with various sides. If you prefer crispy textures, the Fennel Seed and Cornmeal Crusted Steelhead is texturally pleasant with the tenderness of the fish and enhanced by the charred earthiness of the in-season spring onions. Pair this with Bartier Bros. Semillon, a juicy, fruit focused and medium bodied local white with subtle aromas that are highlighted by the fennel and charred spring onions.

If you prefer a fresh, light and flavourful salad, bite into the Niçoise Salad Provençal. This typical Southern French dish is of course perfectly paired with rosé, the varietal of wine that Southern France is well known for. Enjoy the complete Southern French experience with Seven Directions Pinot Noir Rosé the only Okanagan winery that makes exclusively rosé.

Once you’ve reeled ‘em in, relax and take in the sea breeze with your choice of dessert from our selection. Whichever you choose, the Quails’ Gate Optima is well-balanced with bright acid tones that highlights the Lemon Tart, while subtle caramel tones paired with our decadent Creme Caramel are a match made in heaven.

Dine with our 3-course Poisson d’Avril dinner menu to Go-Fish and reel in some great prizes!

Easter Brunch

Join us for our brunch menu over the 4-day long Easter weekend (25-28 March) from 9am to 3pm. 

We’re cracking the eggs and popping the champagne for Easter Brunch. Choose from our range of egg dishes such as the Smoked Salmon Benedict on corn pancakes or select Two Eggs Any Style and we’ll cook just the way you like them!

If you’re craving something Savoury, try the Warm Goat Cheese Salad crusted with herbes de Provence and served with mixed greens.

Or if you want something for that sweet tooth, try the French Toasted Baguette coated in cinnamon sugar, maple syrup and served with whipped cream and fruit salad.

We have plenty of choices! So join us over the Easter long weekend for Brunch and enjoy the Spring blossoms and waterfront views on our sunny patio.

Valentine’s Day 2016

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf

Join us to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one and enjoy Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia’s romantic multi-course dinner menus with Sommelier Rachelle Goudreau’s wine-pairings between 12–14 February. La Saint-Valentin is a 6-course dinner menu ($80 / wine-pairing $40) available only on Sunday 14 February, and Dîner de l’Amour is a 4-course dinner menu ($60 / wine-pairing $30) available on 12 and 13 February alongside our regular menu. Both menus will take you on a journey of Mediterranean flavours and whisk you away to a romantic oasis emphasizing the importance of life and love in our dining space.

To get you started, Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia will tease your senses and set your palate with the Amuse Bouche.

Once your palate gets a sensual taste, dive deeper with our BC Spot Prawns and Local Oysters that will enhance the freshness of your palate. Sommelier Rachelle Goudreau compliments the natural sweetness of the prawns, brininess of the oysters (the legendary aphrodisiac) and earthiness of the endive with the vibrant fruit notes of the Blue Mountain Brut.

As you swim in the depth of the ocean, your foodie palate will journey with the silky Crustacean Bisque and Dungeness Crab Ravioli. This locally fresh, sweet and tender dungeness crab is served with a classical fresh pasta swimming in a bowl of roasted crab and lobster bisque, that is ever so fine and smooth. This velvety texture is mirrored with the Pfaffenheim Grand Cru Pinot Gris, which is rich and textured on the palate with a subtle sweetness.

Come up for a breath with a refreshing mid meal Sorbet that cleanses the palate. Then choose either to dive deeper or relax on land.

If you choose to dive back in, the Seared Sea Bream Filet is light and flakey with crispy skin and is accompanied by parsnip, lemon vinaigrette and salmon roe. This dish is paired perfectly with the Viadero Blanco Albillo, crisp and refreshing with a rich and slightly floral finish, made with the very rare Albillo white grape grown in a small region in Spain. An ideal pairing to enhance the subtle flavors of the sea bream, the sweetness of parsnip, the tartness of the lemon vinaigrette and the wonderful rich pop of the salmon roe.

If you choose to relax on land, the Butter Basted Lamb Loin is a New Zealand prime cut, served with fresh green beans, house smoked tomatoes, earthy sunchokes and a rich jus. Lamb and Bordeaux are such a classic pairing. Maison Blanche Bordeaux is a traditional style, medium bodied and well structured, which perfectly highlights all the savory notes in the cooked to perfection lamb, thyme, and juicy tomatoes.

Continue the sweet seduction with our Strawberry Tiramisu, a fruitful take on the classic tiramisu without the caffeine and with delightful traditional house made macaroons and Thomas Haas chocolate. This indulgence is paired with Sauternes, the famous dessert wine from France. It is complex and rich, with a lovely acidic backbone to cut through the sweetness.

Live and Love well this Valentine’s and allow us to seduce you with our multi-course dinner menus.

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12–13 February 4-course dinner menu
14 February 6-course dinner menu

Dine Out Vancouver Festival

Get ready for Dine Out Vancouver, Canada’s largest food and drink festival! Join us at Provence Marinaside between 15–31 of January, as our Chef’s have prepared a 3-course dinner menu for you to enjoy the unique flavours of Southern France’s Mediterranean. Select your dishes from our $40 menu and for an added $20, top it off with wine-pairings selected by Sommelier Rachelle Goudreau.

Start off light with your choice of appetizer, such as the Warm Goat Cheese Salad paired with Fairview Cellars Sauvignon Blanc, local to BC.

Follow with your choice of entrée such as the buttery juices of the Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Prawns paired with Monte Antico Toscana Rossa from Italy or the tender, melt-in-your-mouth Lamb Confit paired with El Petit Bonhomme from Spain.

With some room to spare, indulge in our dessert menu from our popular Berry and White Chocolate Clafoutis to the delicate custard of our Crème Caramel, paired with BC’s local Unsworth Ovation.

Click to see the menu

As we take you on a journey of flavours, take your chances and be in the draw to WIN a 5 course, wine-paired meal, for you and 7 guests!

Do you fancy yourself a foodie with a flair for photography? Are you social media savvy? Do you love great food paired with excellent wine? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions you’re on your way to winning this awesome prize.

Based on the extremely popular Perfect Pairings series, Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia and Sommelier Rachelle Goudreau have created a 5 course, wine-paired meal that’s bound to inundate your senses.

Here’s how to win:

Like or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, then while dining with us during Dine-Out Vancouver, photograph something to let us know you were here. Tweet, Instagram or post the picture on Facebook with the hashtag #TWBWineOut.

Each day, Chef Jean-Francis and Sommelier Rachelle Goudreau will carefully select the photo that best describes why you would want to win this prize. It can be anything, so be creative! The winner will be announced after Dine-Out.

Sound simple? That’s because it is!

Good luck and happy dining!

Sail the Mediterranean this Holiday

How would you like to sail the Mediterranean to celebrate this Holiday Season? This month we’re offering an exclusive 3-course Holiday Menu for you and your loved ones, all for $58.

Sail smoothly along the sea with our Crustacean Bisque, a traditional French creamy soup topped with chive chantilly, or take a minute to soak in the fresh sea breeze with our fresh Steelhead Gravlax served with salmon roe and frisée salad topped with horseradish vinaigrette.

Continue your journey with our Seared Arctic Char and Scallops served with sun-choke and snap pea risotto and braised turnips, or throw down your anchor and enjoy the balance between land and sea with our AAA Canadian Beef Filet and Sautéed Lobster Duo served with wheat berry and butternut squash stuffed portobello mushroom with wilted winter greens.

Then rest ashore with your choice of dessert, celebrating the year creating more sweet memories.

Don’t forget the choices of our wines on tap to compliment your dishes. There are plenty to choose from and if you are stuck at sea, our servers will rescue you with their recommendations.

Click here for Reservations

Happy Holidays!

Chef’s Top 10

The Chef’s bring their best to the table during the Chef’s Top 10.

Each week from 21 September 2015 to 29 November 2015, we will be featuring a Chef’s Top 10 dish with a wine pairing and our most popular dessert, the clafoutis, all for $40.

Get to an early start and enjoy the fresh flavors of the Seared Lois Lake Steelhead accompanied with grilled asparagus, pea shoots, bamboo rice with a shellfish bisque vinaigrette.

As the weeks get colder, take a risk and dive into the Bouillabaisse where French classic meets West coast style, prawns, scallops, mussels, clams, fish, saffron potatoes, gruyère et la rouille.

If you prefer to stay grounded, grab onto a Rack of Lamb, crusted with dijon and fresh herbs, market vegetables.

A menu isn’t the same without Rachelle’s recommended wines, so click on the icon below to get a taste of the menu.





Be prepared and get rewarded!

Receive a $20 or $50 *Provence gift card when you buy 5 or 10 **Chef’s Top 10 gift cards (respectively). Use them weekly or share them with your friends! Call us on 604-681-4144 to purchase.

*Provence gift cards are valid at any Provence Restaurant or Bar and are not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion. **Chef’s Top 10 gift cards are valid for any Chef’s Top 10 meal from 21 September 2015 to 29 November 2015.

6th Annual Tomato Fest

According to Chef JF, tomatoes are the ultimate summer fruit. Not only are they ripe, juicy and brimming with sunshine, heirloom tomatoes present a wide range of flavours to tempt the palate. With the abundance of heirloom tomatoes available locally each year, we are celebrating with our 6th Annual Tomato Fest. Burst into these juicy tomatoes with this month’s three-course feature menu of Heirloom Tomatoes prepared for you in a various ways with optional wine pairings.

Here are some recommendations from our menu’s selection.

Allow our Chef’s to ripen your palate with the Tomato and Nectarine Salad. The natural sweetness of the nectarines bring out of the flavours of the juicy tomatoes, while the perfectly seared scallops melt in your mouth. Settle in with our Sommelier Rachelle  who recommends the Synchromesh Rieslingas it is vibrant and fruit driven with a balanced dry finish.

Stay out fishing for the silky texture of the Grilled Lois Lake Steelhead and Prawn Duo accompanied with the bright yellow tomato and warm vegetable salad, smoked plum tomato and black garlic vinaigrette. As the sun sets, the salmon hue of Le Vieux Pin Rosé, will compliment your evening with it’s delicacy and structure.

Pair your fruit picked dessert such as the Berry and White Chocolate Clafoutis with the Late Harvest Cabernet/MerlotLate harvest wines are less sweet then some dessert wines perfect for fruit based desserts, leaving you feeling sun-kissed.

For more of the menu Click Here.

Exclusive: Taste of Cuba Menu Revealed

Inspired by her travels, get a Taste of Cuba this Friday from our Dancin’ Chef’s Family Style Menu.

Start with a complimentary Mojito and up-the-anti with fresh and juicy Mojito Shrimps. Settle down with Frikassé de Pollo and take a deep dive into Pescado Frito. Compliment these mains with traditional side dishes of Frijoles, Rice and Ensalata Mixta. Then sink into your seats with the soft custard Flan. See entire menu below.

Mojito Shrimp

Frikassé de Pollo
Stewed chicken with garlic, onions, peppers, baby potatoes, lemon and tomato
with a side of plantain maduro (pan fried)
Pescado Frito
Panfried cod with tomato, mango, parsely salsa

Side Dishes 
Cuban black beans with ham hock
Rice and Ensalada Mixta
shredded cabbage, julienne carrots, radish, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber,
red wine vinaigrette


Be sure not to get too comfortable sitting. Shake your hips to live Cuban music all night from Provence Marinaside to the After Party. Step in to Havana Fridays at Lux Lounge (1180 Howe St, Vancouver) as a VIP with free entry when you reserve your seat to Taste of Cuba.

Don’t miss a Taste of Cuba this Friday. Click here for tickets

Proudly Sponsored by Havana Club