Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Two: Local Albacore Tuna

Hot on the heels of last week’s top ten dish, comes a favourite of Chef de Cuisine Sheldon Maloff – Olive Oil Poached Local Albacore Tuna. Chef’s Sheldon and Jean-Francis are serving the tuna with shishito peppers, gem tomatoes, fennel, fingerling potatoes, Moroccan olives and brown garlic infused olive oil. The mild to medium spice of the shishito pepper is an excellent counterpoint to the richness of the tuna and brown butter, while the liquorice flavor from the fennel is like a blanket that wraps it all together. The acidity of the gem tomatoes cuts through it all to leave your mouth feeling fresh.

This week, Samira has created a Kampachi Escabeche; inspired from our exclusive Kampachi menu back in June of this year. Kampachi can sometimes be mistaken for tuna, and is often used as a substitute. Some people may even have unknowingly eaten Kampachi believing it to be tuna. Why not take this opportunity to try both tuna and Kampachi and see if you can tell the difference?

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