Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Three: Pacific Halibut

Week Three sees us serving up Grilled Pacific Halibut, a perennial favourite here in Vancouver. Halibut may be one of the most versatile fish in the arsenal of Chef Jean-Francis – it works well with almost every flavor. Halibut is often served with lemon, but just to be different, we’ve chosen to use grapefruit. Served with a warm vegetable salad, salsa verde and micro basil, the sour and slightly bitter grapefruit really brings this dish to life.

Florian Helbling returns again this season to bring you Smoked Steelhead Rillettes. The decision to use steelhead in his rillettes is a departure from the traditional pork; just one of the reasons why Florian is quietly making a name for himself among the chefs and cooks of Vancouver’s restaurant scene. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to try these two dishes together. Not a fan of fish, don’t worry, we’re serving lamb in week 8, and beef in week 9.

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