Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Four: Prawns Provençal

One of the longest running dishes on the menu at Provence Marinaside (and previously Provence Mediterranean Grill) are the Sautéed Prawns Provençal. While the dish has seen many incarnations over the years, at its’ core, it has remained largely unchanged. Relying on a traditional Provençal preparation using brandy, butter, parsley and garlic this is one of the richest and most satisfying dishes you will want to try. As an added bonus, the recipe is in Chef’s Jean-Francis and Alessandra’s cookbook New World Provence: Modern French Cooking for Friends and Family, published back in 2007, and available for purchase at the Provence Marinaside, or at

If you are considering joining us for the Prawns Provençal, you’ll want to know about Chef Florian’s appetizer – Mediterranean Vegetable and Bacon Terrine. He has steered away from the traditional approach, using layers of Mediterranean vegetables rather than the typical forcemeat that you would expect to find in a terrine. Not wanting to shake off his roots entirely, Chef Florian also incorporates bacon for a modern approach. A great dish on its own, but even better when it is followed by Chef JeanFrancis’ Prawns Provençal.

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