Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Nine: AAA Canadian Beef

You might be surprised to learn that at Provence Marinaside, we consider ourselves a French Mediterranean restaurant. Our menu may have a heavy focus on seafood, but we do also cook a mean steak. This week we have a AAA Canadian Beef Filet with green beans, shiitake mushrooms, smoked roma tomato, pomme frites, and red wine and peppercorn jus on our menu. You really can’t go wrong with a perfectly cooked steak with fries.

Returning to contribute to the Chef’s Top Ten is Chef Mohit. He has created a Pulled Pork Stuffed Eggplant Roll, served with smoked sour cream (How do you even do that?) and pickled vegetables. This dish hits all the flavor points. You’ll be sorry if you miss out, so make your reservation now!

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