Chef’s Top Ten 2018 – Week Five: Sautéed Wild Prawns Provençal

Chef de Cuisine

I find the whole naming of pasta shapes confusing; for instance, do you know what shape Pansotti is? I know that for each shape, there is history, and a story, but sometimes I just want to order dinner. Lucky for me (and you) Chef de Cuisine Sheldon, did his research while he was creating the appetizer for week 5 of the Chef’s Top Ten. When I tasted the Ricotta Pansotti with Prawn and Bay Scallops in smoked bell pepper sauce I realized that heaven by any other name is still heaven, and I don’t care what you call my pasta.

We’ve been serving our Sautéed Wild Prawns Provençal for as long as I’ve been working at Provence with almost no change to the recipe. Even if we wanted to change this dish, I don’t think our guests (that’s you) would let us. This is most definitely one of those situations where the customer is right – but really, how can you go wrong when you cook prawns in butter, garlic and brandy?

garlic, parsley, brandy, butter sauce, marinated tomatoes, seven grain rice, zucchini spaghetti

For the record, Pansotti are triangle shaped. That reminds me of the song Particle Man by They Might Be Giants. Have a listen… Go Triangle Man!

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