Chef’s Top Ten 2018 – Week Two: Piparras Pepper Dusted Seared Local Albacore Tuna

Until recently, I had no idea what the word tartine meant… I vaguely knew that it was food, but that’s about it. When you search Wikipedia for tartine, you get an article about a really great sounding bakery in San Francisco’s Mission district. (It sounds like a lovely place, you should check it out if you’re in the Bay Area any time soon.) That wasn’t any help in figuring out what the heck a tartine was, but luckily there’s a link to an article about open faced sandwiches on the same page; once you click through Wikipedia has this to say:

An open sandwich, also known as an open-face/open-faced sandwichbread baserbread platter or tartine, consists of two or more slices of bread with one or more food items on top.

tomato, chickpea, and chili sauce on harisssa grilled foccacia

So now we know, a tartine is just an open-faced sandwich, but in this case, Sous Chef Mohit hasn’t created just an open faced sandwich, he’s created a work of art featuring chewy yet tender ringlets of squid with tomatoes, chick peas and chili sauce on top of a harissa grilled focaccia bread.

The delicate spicing of the Calamar Tartine is a great lead in to the featured dish for week 2 of the Chef’s Top Ten – Piparras Pepper Dusted Seared Local Albacore Tuna. While the tuna on our menu changes seasonally, it is always available.; however, with fall arriving this may be your last chance to try this version of the tuna before Executive Chef Jean-Francis introduces the fall/winter menu.

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