Filming at Provence Marinaside

They say that Vancouver is the Hollywood of the north, and at Provence Marinaside and The Wine Bar we embrace that and welcome film crews to our space. We do however have a few rules when it comes to shooting in the restaurant.

  • All professional filming requests must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance and approved by our filming coordinators.
  • A fee will apply to all professional film shoots. Shoots that receive a fee exemption must include the restaurant name and logo in at least one shot.
  • Provence Foods LTD. must be credited in all productions.
  • An on-site liaison is required by all professional film shoots. The on-site liaison must be a member of our staff, and must be compensated.
  • Film shoots that do not require closure of the restaurant must not interfere with regular business or disrupt the dining experience of our guests.
  • There are some areas of the restaurant that may be off limits during your shoot. We ask that you respect the boundaries set out in the filming agreement, and as dictated by the on-site liaison.

If you wish to use our space as a filming location, please contact Jean-Francis or Emrys at 604.681.4144 to discuss your project.