Foodies have been around for as long as people have been eating (that’s a long time), but the term only came in to existence in the 1980’s. In 2002, a group of foodies and wine aficionados got together and pitched Tourism Vancouver on the idea of a fixed price menu deal that would get Vancouverites out to dine between New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day – a time period that’s typically a little slow in the hospitality industry. Tourism Vancouver obviously thought it was a great idea, and from an idea was born a festival. In the early days of Dine Out Vancouver Festival there were only a handful of restaurants in the city participating, including us, and our now closed sister restaurant Provence Mediterranean Grill. Fast forward to today, and there are more than 200 Vancouver restaurants participating.

Chef Jean-Francis has been a supporter of DOVF from the early days, seeing it as an opportunity to showcase some of the most popular menu items, and show off some new creations. This year is no different, with one classic appetizer, and two that are new for the DOVF menu this year. The always popular HERBES DE PROVENCE CRUSTED GOAT CHEESE, a staple of our appetizer list since the early days of Provence Mediterranean Grill makes its usual appearance, along with the simple, but tasty WINTER SQUASH SOUP with chive chantilly, or a SMOKED FISH CAKE with sautéed kale and cilantro yogurt.

This year’s menu features a choice from five entrees, so there’s sure to be something for everyone, from the classic WILD MUSHROOM RAVIOLI WITH PRAWNS, to the fan favourite BOULIABAISSE. Take a moment and peruse the full menu below.

To really complete your dining experience, Wine Director Joshua Carlson has created an optional wine pairing matching each dish with a wine. Joshua has put together some great and somewhat difficult to find wines including Montagu Cellars 2018 Rosé with the Herbes de Provence Crusted Goat Cheese. Montagu Cellars is a bespoke winery that is the brainchild of former restaurateur and 2005 sommelier of the year Tom Doughty. With a limited production and distribution, this may be one of your only chances to try this outstanding wine. With the wine pairing priced at $25 ($15 for a petit version) you don’t want to miss out.

Space is limited, and will fill quickly, so make your reservation now!


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