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Josh Carlson, Wine Director at Provence Marinaside and The Wine Bar is no stranger to food and beverage. Having come up in kitchens around the Lower Mainland including Provence and TWB owner and chef Jean-Francis Quaglia. Josh is not only a certified wine expert, he is a red seal chef.

Josh attended culinary school at VCC and received his International Sommeliers Guild (levels 1 & 2) certifications under Mark Davidson. Having spent time at several highly renowned restaurants in Vancouver including Edible Canada; Westin Grande; and the now-closed Provence Mediterranean Grill; he has developed his own take on how best to approach running a complex wine program, like the one at Provence Marinaside.

Josh says “it’s important to have wines that are easy to drink and understand for the everyday diner who just needs something to complement his meal, to the oenophile looking for something a little more obscure.” With that in mind, he has brought on Gabriel and Benoit to work as floor Sommeliers to assist guests with questions about their wine selection.

Under the direction of Josh, Provence Marinaside and The Wine Bar recently picked up a Gold award at the Vancouver International Wine Festival awards. This is a great honour for all of us at Provence and TWB; we couldn’t be more proud of the work that Josh and his team have put in to get us here.

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  1. Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson says:

    It’s wonderful to have such an expert in the neighbourhood. Congratulations Josh and team. Josh is also always so welcoming as well.

  2. Emrys
    Emrys says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement. Josh and his team are a great asset to us here, and we really appreciate all that he does. I hope we see you in the restaurant soon.

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