Poisson d’Avril

“I remember the Poisson d’Avril pranks growing up as a boy in Marseille. In Vancouver, I see it as an opportunity to welcome spring with a bit of fun while also promoting the importance of Ocean Wise – approved seafood. As one of the original members of Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program, we feel it is important to serve only fish that has been harvested in a sustainable and responsible manner.” – Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia

In many cultures, April 1st marks April Fool’s Day, but here at Provence we call it Poisson d’Avril. Each year we’ve embraced Chef JF’s childhood tradition from France and have pinned a cardboard fish onto a person’s back and called those that are fooled ‘poisson d’avril’ (April fish).

This year we are allowing you to reel in! On April 1st, we are offering all our diners a chance to fish from our fishbowl for a prize (such as complimentary meals, discounts or cookbooks) or a prank. In addition, for the duration of April, you will have more chances to fish from our exclusive 3-course Poisson d’Avril dinner menu ($56) with optional wine-pairing ($24). Every card contains a unique prize, so get ready to enjoy a great Ocean Wise meal and Go-Fish.

Choose your bait: Seabream, Soup or Sardines? If you’re determined for a big catch, Chef Sheldon recommends the Citrus Cured Sardines to start. The simple sugar, salt and aromatic cured sardines take you on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea, while the peppery flavours of the arugula and finished with olive oil have you arrive into Europe. Sommelier Rachelle joins the adventure with Colle Stefano Verdicchio, a vibrant yet textured white wine from central Italy, ideal with local sardines and arugula.

When it’s time for the big catch – Steelhead, Niçoise, Halibut, Whole Fish, Lingcod, are all cooked to tender perfection with various sides. If you prefer crispy textures, the Fennel Seed and Cornmeal Crusted Steelhead is texturally pleasant with the tenderness of the fish and enhanced by the charred earthiness of the in-season spring onions. Pair this with Bartier Bros. Semillon, a juicy, fruit focused and medium bodied local white with subtle aromas that are highlighted by the fennel and charred spring onions.

If you prefer a fresh, light and flavourful salad, bite into the Niçoise Salad Provençal. This typical Southern French dish is of course perfectly paired with rosé, the varietal of wine that Southern France is well known for. Enjoy the complete Southern French experience with Seven Directions Pinot Noir Rosé the only Okanagan winery that makes exclusively rosé.

Once you’ve reeled ‘em in, relax and take in the sea breeze with your choice of dessert from our selection. Whichever you choose, the Quails’ Gate Optima is well-balanced with bright acid tones that highlights the Lemon Tart, while subtle caramel tones paired with our decadent Creme Caramel are a match made in heaven.

Dine with our 3-course Poisson d’Avril dinner menu to Go-Fish and reel in some great prizes!

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