Provence and StreetSmart have had a great relationship since they first came to us with their plan to help those in the community who are in need. The concept is simple; when you dine in a StreetSmart participating restaurant, ask your server to add $1 (or more if you choose) to your bill. Every cent of that dollar is then passed to the local food bank, to purchase necessary items to help feed people in the community.

While your shopping, it’s great to purchase a few extra items to leave in the donation box. However, there are many items that either: are not considered, or simply can’t be donated in this way (such as fresh fruits and vegetables, or hygiene products). Your dollar can support the Food Bank purchase specific items needed to help. Additionally, they have a significant buying power than the average person, allowing your dollar make a bigger impact.

For your next meal out, consider visiting one of the many StreetSmart partners in the lower mainland – we recommend Provence Marinaside or The Wine Bar.

Click here to learn more about StreetSmart

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