Chef’s Top Ten 2018 – Week Nine: AAA Canadian Beef Filet

Chef de Partie

New to the scene at Provence, Chef de Partie Anthony is making waves in the kitchen. You know what else makes waves? Ducks… ducks make waves, you know, when they swim. Anthony though makes a Nutmeg Seared Duck Breast with butternut squash purée, roasted acorn squash, and apple vinaigrette. This is our week 9 appetizer, which is a coincidence, since ducks are my 9thfavourite water fowl – right after the blue heron and before the pink flamingo. It’s odd that I shared that with you, but there you have it.

Now that we’re finished talking about birds, let’s talk about cows. One of the most popular dishes for the Top Ten is our AAA Canadian Beef Filet. At just $43 including an appetizer, it’s a pretty great deal, so I can see why it’s so popular. Don’t delay, make your reservation today to take advantage of this opportunity.

Chef’s Top Ten 2018 – Week Ten: Fennel Infused Baked Whole Mediterranean Fish

When I think of winter vegetables, kale is often one of the first things to come to mind for me. And one of my favourite things to match with kale is mushrooms. So now we have kale and mushrooms, can anybody guess what the next ingredient is going to be? It has to be bacon, which according to people on the internet is pretty much the best thing ever. Now that we have kale, bacon, and mushrooms I think we need to make a salad. And thus is born Sous Chef Florian’s Top Ten creation – Warm Mushroom and Baby Kale salad with crispy maple bacon. That’s a winner in my book.

crispy maple bacon

Another great dish with flavours that I find perfect for cool winter weather is the Fennel Infused Baked Whole Mediterranean Fish. Served with sautéed vegetables and seven grain rice, the whole fish has very homey and comforting presence that just makes you feel good on a cold winter night.

Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Ten: Whole Mediterranean Fish

The Whole Mediterranean Fish is a regular feature on our menu, but it’s so much more than that. This dish has history; Chef Jean-Francis remembers making it with his mom using fennel grown in their garden when he was just a youngster growing up in Marseille. Now, half way across the world, Chef JF grows fennel in his own garden, and we use it here in the restaurant to make this dish.

With a name like Potato and Bacon Stacks, how can you go wrong? Potatoes and bacon stacked and served with blue cheese aioli just sounds like heaven to me, match it with a beer (I suggest the Original 16 Pale Ale.) and you’ve got it made. Follow that with a nice glass of sauvignon blanc to match your Mediterranean fish and you’ve got the makings of a new favourite meal.

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Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Nine: AAA Canadian Beef

You might be surprised to learn that at Provence Marinaside, we consider ourselves a French Mediterranean restaurant. Our menu may have a heavy focus on seafood, but we do also cook a mean steak. This week we have a AAA Canadian Beef Filet with green beans, shiitake mushrooms, smoked roma tomato, pomme frites, and red wine and peppercorn jus on our menu. You really can’t go wrong with a perfectly cooked steak with fries.

Returning to contribute to the Chef’s Top Ten is Chef Mohit. He has created a Pulled Pork Stuffed Eggplant Roll, served with smoked sour cream (How do you even do that?) and pickled vegetables. This dish hits all the flavor points. You’ll be sorry if you miss out, so make your reservation now!

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Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Eight: Rack of Lamb

Lamb and mustard; I guess I always knew they were a good match. I just didn’t know how good until I started eating at Provence. We have Chef Jean-Francis’ famous Oven Roasted Rack of Lamb for you all week long. With its herb and Dijon crust, this has got the one of the most delightful versions of rack lamb around. It’s tangy, fresh and sweet in every bite, an I just can’t get enough. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you all about this, that way I can have it all for myself.

Chef Matt Ward looked to his Irish heritage for inspiration, and brought the potato to the forefront of his appetizer. To ensure that his Fingerling Potato Crisps fit within the French theme of the restaurant, they are topped with blue cheese, diced red and yellow peppers, and finished with a salsa verde yogurt drizzle, green onions, and virgin sauce. If you’re unclear of what this dish might entail, you’re not alone. I was a little unsure when I first heard about these Fingerling Potato Crisps too. Chef Matt put it into a term that we can all understand; nachos. I love nachos and I love potatoes! They’re perfect. If you’re thinking that nachos are a little too much like pub food, you’re in for a surprise. This dish is as upscale as any other on our menu.

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Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Seven: Bouillabaisse

Love it or hate it, Bouillabaisse has been around for a long time at Provence, and it’s not going away any time soon. Many people believe that Chef Jean Francis’ Bouillabaisse is as close to the authentic dish served in France, as you’re going to get in Vancouver. This bold fish soup filled with clams, mussels, prawns, fish, and fingerling potatoes, is served with rouille, gruyere and crostini on the side; one of the heartiest dishes we serve.

Chef Matt has created his own appetizer to compliment the long list of ingredients in the Bouillabaisse; Soft Poached Egg with Red Onion Soubise, stuffed with smoked herring caviar and served with fingerling potato petals. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; I’m not sure that would cover the amount of words to describe how amazing this dish is. I’ll let the picture do all the talking for this one. Let me tell you this though; it’s delicious and well worth trying. I know I’ll be coming for dinner this week.

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Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Six: Wild Mushroom Ravioli

Wild mushrooms, prawns, butter, wine – there’s really no need to say more about the entrée for week six of the Chef’s Top Ten at Provence.

Ok, maybe I should say a little more. Week Six brings us the Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Prawns. Raviolis stuffed with wild mushrooms, and served in a white wine butter sauce with fresh tomatoes topped with grilled wild prawns.

Before you dig into the ravioli, you NEED to try Chef Sheldon’s Pumpkin Soup. Chef Sheldon takes a classic fall dish to a new level; adding Salt Spring Island goat cheese mousse and Marcona almonds.

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Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Five: Seafood Linguine

We’ve been serving our Seafood Linguini exactly the same way since Jean-Francis and Alessandra opened Provence Mediterranean Grill. Once you’ve perfected something there’s really no point in changing it. What’s that expression… if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Well, the Seafood Linguini may be a standard dish served in many restaurants, but it definitely ain’t broke. In fact, many of our guests would agree that ours is the best version of this dish that they’ve encountered.

Chef de Cuisine Sheldon Maloff starts this weeks menu with his Rabbit Vol-au-vent. At its heart, the vol-auvent is a French version of a meat pie. Made with puff pastry, and typically stuffed with savoury ingredients, although Wikipedia says they can also be sweet (read more here). Sheldon fills his with rabbit and chanterelle mushrooms and serves it with a frisée salad. Clean, simple and just what the chef ordered (Who cares what the doctor has to say when it comes to dinner?) as the weather cools, and fall arrives in earnest.

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Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Four: Prawns Provençal

One of the longest running dishes on the menu at Provence Marinaside (and previously Provence Mediterranean Grill) are the Sautéed Prawns Provençal. While the dish has seen many incarnations over the years, at its’ core, it has remained largely unchanged. Relying on a traditional Provençal preparation using brandy, butter, parsley and garlic this is one of the richest and most satisfying dishes you will want to try. As an added bonus, the recipe is in Chef’s Jean-Francis and Alessandra’s cookbook New World Provence: Modern French Cooking for Friends and Family, published back in 2007, and available for purchase at the Provence Marinaside, or at

If you are considering joining us for the Prawns Provençal, you’ll want to know about Chef Florian’s appetizer – Mediterranean Vegetable and Bacon Terrine. He has steered away from the traditional approach, using layers of Mediterranean vegetables rather than the typical forcemeat that you would expect to find in a terrine. Not wanting to shake off his roots entirely, Chef Florian also incorporates bacon for a modern approach. A great dish on its own, but even better when it is followed by Chef JeanFrancis’ Prawns Provençal.

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Chef’s Top Ten 2017 – Week Three: Pacific Halibut

Week Three sees us serving up Grilled Pacific Halibut, a perennial favourite here in Vancouver. Halibut may be one of the most versatile fish in the arsenal of Chef Jean-Francis – it works well with almost every flavor. Halibut is often served with lemon, but just to be different, we’ve chosen to use grapefruit. Served with a warm vegetable salad, salsa verde and micro basil, the sour and slightly bitter grapefruit really brings this dish to life.

Florian Helbling returns again this season to bring you Smoked Steelhead Rillettes. The decision to use steelhead in his rillettes is a departure from the traditional pork; just one of the reasons why Florian is quietly making a name for himself among the chefs and cooks of Vancouver’s restaurant scene. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to try these two dishes together. Not a fan of fish, don’t worry, we’re serving lamb in week 8, and beef in week 9.

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