Ocean Wise Lobsters

Did you know that a recent scientific study predicted a world-wide fisheries collapse by 2048? An estimated 40% of what is caught in commercial fisheries are considered bycatch. These are species that have been caught and are left either unintended or discarded, are unmarketable, undersized and or endangered. Unfortunately, when tossed back overboard they do not survive.

Watch here as Chef JF explains why Provence Marinaside chooses Ocean Wise.

As the world’s marine life is quickly being depleted, we aim to reduce the threat of endangering our marine life by choosing Ocean Wise to give you the choice to consume sustainable seafood. When dining at Provence, the Ocean Wise symbol marks the assurance of your sustainable seafood choice, which ensures the health of our oceans for generations to come.

To help support ocean-friendly choices, join us this month for Lobster Fest and make your contribution to sustainable seafood.

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