Provence Mediterranean Grill closes its’ doors

On Sunday 27 November 2016, Provence Mediterranean Grill will close its doors after 19 years.

“It is with a mixture of excitement and sadness that we write you today with some news about Provence Restaurants. Recently, Raj Aujlay, a former employee, made us an offer to purchase our original restaurant, Provence Mediterranean Grill, on West 10th Avenue in Point Grey. After much soul searching, negotiating and dreaming, we decided to accept the offer.

Our youngest son recently left home for his first solo trip to Europe. The decision to let go of Provence Mediterranean Grill (affectionately called P1) feels very similar to letting Remi go off on his own.

Nineteen years ago, we opened P1’s doors and were immediately welcomed with warmth by the neighbourhood. Later, our ‘baby’ grew to include siblings Provence Marinaside and TWB – The Wine Bar in Yaletown. Over the years, we not only grew restaurants, we raised a family – both our sons (Matisse and Remi) are now young men and work in the restaurants. P1 has always been at our core so this decision was not taken lightly but we felt it was time.”

–Chef’s Alessandra & Jean-Francis Quaglia

This is not goodbye from the Quaglia family, as their journey continues at both Provence Marinaside and TWB in Yaletown. The legacy of good food served in a warm environment filled with love will continue.