TOMATO AGLIO E OLIO TAGLIATELLE - grilled argentinian prawns and hokkaido scallops, poached pink scallops, micro basil

grilled argentinian prawns and hokkaido scallops, poached pink scallops, micro basil

Have you heard the one about the tomato family who went for a walk? No, good! Here it is…

Mama Tomato, Papa Tomato, and Baby Tomato are out for a walk, and Baby Tomato keeps falling behind. After a while, Papa Tomato gets tired of waiting for him to catch up, so he goes back and jumps on him and yells “CATCH UP!”

I don’t think modern ketchup and tomatoes have very much in common any more, but it’s hard to come up with a good tomato joke, so there you have it. Why am I so hell bent on telling you a tomato joke you ask. Because it’s tomato month here at Provence, and to celebrate we’ve got a whole menu dedicated to this often misidentified fruit. Priced at $62 per person for three courses, you can’t go wrong. Read on to find out what Chef’s Jean-Francis and Sheldon along with Wine Director Joshua have in store for you.

For the first course, we have two choices, first a classic returning from previous Provence Tomato menus – TOMATO AND NECTARINE SALAD with whole grilled Argentinian prawns, red onion, fresh basil and sherry vinaigrette. Keep your napkin handy as the prawns are served in the shell and will require a little work to get at them. (For those who don’t wish to get messy, the kitchen would be happy to take your prawns out of the shell for a small fee – just let  your server know when you order.) For, if you’re feeling the summer heat, you may want to opt for the cool and refreshing TOMATO WATERMELON GAZPACHO with cucumber, mint and tomato relish.

The main course, brings us three fabulous dishes to choose from. Always a crowd pleaser, we’ve brought back the GRILLED LOCAL HALIBUT with grilled yellow Campari tomato, leafy greens, multi-coloured petit potatoes, and smoked tomato vinaigrette.

IF you’re not in the mood for fish, you may prefer my personal favourite, the SEARED BAVETTE STEAK with heirloom tomato and herb salad, fingerling potato rounds, and chimichurri sauce. For me, the rich flavour of the bavette with the freshness of the tomato salad just can’t be beat.

And of course the third option is our TOMATO AGLIO E OLIO TAGLIATELLE – it’s a mouth full just saying that. Once you get your mouth wrapped around the name of this dish, you can turn your attention to the whole grilled Argentinian prawns, Hokkaido scallops and pink scallops, that rest atop a mountain of delicate pasta with tomatoes, olive oil, and micro basil.

Whatever your choice, you don’t want to miss out on dessert. This year, Chef Sheldon has outdone himself with a HONEY TOMATO PANACOTTA with tomato brulée fresh whipped cream and cape goose berry. We usually see tomatoes as a vegetable, but we forget that it’s actually a fruit, and therefore just as happy in a sweet dish as they are in a savoury dish. It may be a little outside your comfort zone to eat a tomato for dessert, but it’s worth the risk – this is an outstanding dish.

Without overshadowing the food, Wine Director Joshua Carlson has once again created a superb wine pairing to match each course. This year, he’s focused on a staple of the south of France – pink wine. Appetizer and entrée courses are each paired with rosé wines, and dessert is matched with an Okanagan Kir Royale. The optional wine pairing is $25 per person, with a petit option for $15 per person. It’s a great price, and will most definitely enhance your meal.

We look forward to having you with us soon.


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