Valentine’s Day 2016

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf

Join us to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one and enjoy Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia’s romantic multi-course dinner menus with Sommelier Rachelle Goudreau’s wine-pairings between 12–14 February. La Saint-Valentin is a 6-course dinner menu ($80 / wine-pairing $40) available only on Sunday 14 February, and Dîner de l’Amour is a 4-course dinner menu ($60 / wine-pairing $30) available on 12 and 13 February alongside our regular menu. Both menus will take you on a journey of Mediterranean flavours and whisk you away to a romantic oasis emphasizing the importance of life and love in our dining space.

To get you started, Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia will tease your senses and set your palate with the Amuse Bouche.

Once your palate gets a sensual taste, dive deeper with our BC Spot Prawns and Local Oysters that will enhance the freshness of your palate. Sommelier Rachelle Goudreau compliments the natural sweetness of the prawns, brininess of the oysters (the legendary aphrodisiac) and earthiness of the endive with the vibrant fruit notes of the Blue Mountain Brut.

As you swim in the depth of the ocean, your foodie palate will journey with the silky Crustacean Bisque and Dungeness Crab Ravioli. This locally fresh, sweet and tender dungeness crab is served with a classical fresh pasta swimming in a bowl of roasted crab and lobster bisque, that is ever so fine and smooth. This velvety texture is mirrored with the Pfaffenheim Grand Cru Pinot Gris, which is rich and textured on the palate with a subtle sweetness.

Come up for a breath with a refreshing mid meal Sorbet that cleanses the palate. Then choose either to dive deeper or relax on land.

If you choose to dive back in, the Seared Sea Bream Filet is light and flakey with crispy skin and is accompanied by parsnip, lemon vinaigrette and salmon roe. This dish is paired perfectly with the Viadero Blanco Albillo, crisp and refreshing with a rich and slightly floral finish, made with the very rare Albillo white grape grown in a small region in Spain. An ideal pairing to enhance the subtle flavors of the sea bream, the sweetness of parsnip, the tartness of the lemon vinaigrette and the wonderful rich pop of the salmon roe.

If you choose to relax on land, the Butter Basted Lamb Loin is a New Zealand prime cut, served with fresh green beans, house smoked tomatoes, earthy sunchokes and a rich jus. Lamb and Bordeaux are such a classic pairing. Maison Blanche Bordeaux is a traditional style, medium bodied and well structured, which perfectly highlights all the savory notes in the cooked to perfection lamb, thyme, and juicy tomatoes.

Continue the sweet seduction with our Strawberry Tiramisu, a fruitful take on the classic tiramisu without the caffeine and with delightful traditional house made macaroons and Thomas Haas chocolate. This indulgence is paired with Sauternes, the famous dessert wine from France. It is complex and rich, with a lovely acidic backbone to cut through the sweetness.

Live and Love well this Valentine’s and allow us to seduce you with our multi-course dinner menus.

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12–13 February 4-course dinner menu
14 February 6-course dinner menu

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