Vancouver International Wine Festival 2016

We are proud to again receive an award from the Vancouver International Wine Festival. Congratulations to all of the other restaurants that work so hard throughout the year to create the wonderful wine and food culture that Vancouver offers.

Every day we strive to offer you the best dining experiences with amazing food and wine. In reaching these goals, our amazing team collaborate on all the menus created and are always open to exciting new tastes. Rachelle Goudreau, our wonderful sommelier dedicates her time to educate our staff members to the wonders of food and wine pairings, offering you the best advice. She hand picks all of our over 100 local and international wines that we offer by the glass including more than 40 on tap and some exclusive wines from local wineries that she collaborates on for you to enjoy.

Sommelier Rachelle and Chef JF were instrumental in creating TWB and overseeing the renovations in the dining room at Provence to include as much wine on tap as possible. They both love all of the advantages to this continually developing system of wine storage and delivery that offers the freshest glass of wine with the least impact on our environment. With our passion about our wine and food pairings, we offer Perfect Pairings every other Thursday, giving you a small tutorial into this wonderful side of food.

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